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Bombilla – a special straw made of stainless steel, silver, platinum or bamboo with a strainer at the end, with which we can easily filter our yerba mate and separate its infusion from the grounds.

 At the bottom of the straw there is a filter in various shapes.

Bombilla will filter small particles of dried herb.

Centuries ago, the Indians living in Paraguay were the first to discover the miraculous effects of holly – the plant gave them energy and reduced the feeling of hunger.

At first they chewed holly leaves, later they discovered the same effect by brewing an infusion.

They strained a drink made of dried leaves and twigs through their teeth, but it was not pleasant and quite troublesome because the particles stuck in the throat and on the teeth.

They came up with the idea of ​​drinking the infusion through a tube made of reed or bamboo, plugging one end of the tube and poking holes in it, thus creating the first bombilla.

However, it had its drawbacks – it was not durable and rotted quickly when left soaked in the infusion for too long.

Later, the bombilla was improved and made of metal.

Today, however, we have a very large selection of bombillas, they differ in material, shape and type of filter.

There are such types of bombilla tips as:

  • Bombilla with a bomb filter – best suited for dusty yerba mate, it has a very large suction surface.
  • Bombilla in the shape of a spoon – it is the most common and has a very practical type of filter, it filters out even small herbs, it is also very suitable for mixing the infusion.
  • Bombilla with a spring – a very functional design, the spring is plugged with an element resembling a cork. Filtering takes place through the gaps between the cells. The disadvantage is the frequent clogging of the filter.
  • Bombilla with a piston filter – the upper and lower parts of the piston fold together and create a thread that screws into the tube structure. Filtering is weaker than in other bombillas, it is best suited for thickly cut dried herbs.

In our opinion, the most advantageous bombilla is the one with a filter in the form of a spoon, because only tiny fragments of dust get through it, which increases the comfort of drinking the infusion.

Product presentation Yerba mate + matero + straw

We recommend the spoon-shaped bombilla available on our website https://yerbador.co.uk


The material our straw is made of affects the durability of the equipment.

The most durable are those made of metal, e.g. stainless steel, silver or alpaca. Bamboo and nickel-plated bombillas are also available on the market – however, they are not entirely hygienic and such straws are, unfortunately, less durable and more susceptible to damage.

Bombillas also often contain cooling rings. They not only have aesthetic values, but also prevent the mouthpiece from heating up while drinking the infusion.

Interesting fact: Our Yerbador gift set includes a spoon-shaped bombilla.

It is perfect for the leafy Yerbador Mate. It is made of the highest quality metal, making it very durable and easy to care for.

It has cooling rings that protect against mouth burns and provide comfort and a good grip when holding the straw in your hand.

The purpose of this element is to absorb heat in front of the mouthpiece to limit its heating.

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Katarzyna Czaykowska
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Kasiunia Cykota
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