Traditional bombilla (straw) – gold

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Traditional bombilla (straw) – gold

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Bombilla for Yerbador yerba mate – this is a special tube ending with a sieve at the bottom. Its task is to separate the dried herb from the infusion. With our bombilla, proper filtering of yerba is very simple. There are a lot of types of bombilla, but the special straw from Yerbador is a premium straw that performs its role in every way.


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Traditional Bombilla (straw) – GOLD from Yerbador

Bombilla for Yerbador yerba mate, where the bottom end is perforated, acts as a metal filter that separates the mate infusion from the leaves, stems and other mate residues, and works in a similar way to a perforated metal strainer in a teapot.

This type of bombilla filters the infusion and does not allow leaves and sticks to get into the straw. The quality of the material used to make the yerba mate bombilla determines how long the same straw can be used. The better the material, in this case a metal alloy, the longer the bombilla will last. After a period of several months of intensive use, the nickel-plated bombilla has traces of wear and needs to be replaced, whereas our bombilla does not.

Yerba mate filtering – which bombilla to choose

The yerba mate bombilla is used to sip the filtered infusion and tamp the dried herb in the vessel while pouring. You can choose a tube with a flat spoon or a spiral. The universal bombilla with a flat tip will be suitable for medium-fine dried herb composed of 100% of leaves.

The yerba mate bombilla tube should keep all the dried herb, leaves, sticks and plant additives in the vessel. Spiral tips are more often used for types of yerba that have twigs or various additives in the form of seeds, flower petals, or dried and shredded fruits.

Yerba mate bombilla – straws and tubes with a sieve 

A straw for yerba mate, also called a tube for yerba mate, is used to strain the infusion and get to the very bottom of the vessel. This is where the most aromatic infusion so loved by gourmets of mate is collected. The bombilla is an essential tool for getting the best from the leaves of Paraguayan holly. Without it, you would not be able to reach the most delicious notes of the aromatic infusion. The yerba mate bombilla is a must have for every mate aficionado.

Straws for yerba mate, although designed to strain the dried leaves of Paraguayan holly, can be used to filter and drink other herbal infusions. There’s no reason why you cannot sip green tea or chamomile through the yerba tube.

Yerba mate set + bombilla

The Yerbador store offers a yerba mate bombilla separately and in sets with dried herb and vessel. The Yerbador Yerba Mate Set in an airtight tub contains a Matero vessel with a capacity of about 300 ml and a traditional bombilla.

The bombilla in a set with a vessel and dried herb is a great idea for a gift. The starter pack for yerba mate is a complete set with which you can immediately try the original yerba. The gift will please anyone who is curious about new flavours.

How to drink yerba without a bombilla

It is hard to imagine brewing yerba mate without a bombilla. (Hard to read this, can be simpler). A yerba mate bombilla seems absolutely essential. However, you can use an infuser to prepare Paraguayan holly. The dried herbs are placed into the infuser, hot water (max. temperature 80 degrees Celsius) is poured on, and after a few minutes, the piston is pressed, which separates the sediment from the infusion. Drinking yerba from an infuser is convenient, but is it as charming as holding a stylish Matero in your hand and sipping mate from the bottom of the vessel through a bombilla – judge for yourself!

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