Ceramic Yerbador organic pro eco 2 mate cup – free of cadmium, lead, and molybdenum

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Ceramic Yerbador organic pro eco 2 mate cup – free of cadmium, lead, and molybdenum

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Traditional Ceramic Matero (cup) – Weighing 320 grams with a capacity of 350 ml. 

This Traditional Matero (cup), made from noble ceramics, has been labelled as PREMIUM because it does not require special care or maintenance. Leftover yerba mate residues will not harm this vessel, unlike in the case of a traditional calabash gourd. It is a vessel used for preparing yerba mate infusion.


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Yerba mate in Matero
Ceramic Matero signed with the gold logo of Yerbador is now available in the online store! To meet thousands of requests, we are introducing a ceramic vessel called Mate, Matero or Calabaza from Yerbador in an improved professional 2.0 version compared to the previous cup. The new yerba mate vessel from Yerbador is covered with excellent enamel both inside and outside. The coating made of special ceramic paints, certified for marketing in the European Union for food contact products, is safe and free of cadmium, lead and molybdenum.

The precision and smooth finish of the ceramic vessel brings the Matero Yerbador Pro EKO 2.0 closer to the craftsmanship of the tradition of hand-made ceramics, combining it with the new generation of ecological paints. The ceramic Matero for sipping yerba mate is not only an attractive decoration, but also good hygiene for the infusion, which in its intertwining tango of health and taste, stays with you for long hours during the day. Discover the perfection of the ceramic mug for Yerba mate with the gold logo of Yerbador!

Ceramic Matero Pro EKO 2.0
Yerba mate from ceramic Matero tastes delicious! The shaped vessel fits perfectly in your hand. The shape and well-balanced weight of the glazed stoneware makes the vessel stable, and it is difficult to accidentally knock it over, on a desk during study, at a laptop, smartphone or worktop.

Drinking yerba mate from a Matero is a real pleasure, especially because the thick walls of the vessel hold the temperature of the infusion for a long time. Hot yerba stays pleasantly warm for a long time and does not warm up from high external temperatures when cold.

Users of the Yerbador brand ceramic Matero derive satisfaction on several levels:

  • Aesthetic qualities – gold Yerbador logo and well-chosen colours of ceramics.
  • Ergonomic shape – ceramic Matero, fitting into the shape of the hand at the bottom, tapers upwards and thus retains the temperature of the infusion.
  • Hygiene – the ceramic coating of the Matero ensures a high degree of hygiene. Microorganisms are not able to settle on the smooth, shiny surface of the glaze, and cleaning the vessel is quick and easy.
  • Safety – the EU-certified glazed ceramic Matero does not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals.
  • Matero for yerba every day – functional and intuitive to use.
  • The Matero for sipping yerba, designed in the shape of a gourd with the Yerbador logo, is an everyday object that you can like on first impression and make friends with for longer. Mate aficionados, brewing dried herb at home and in the office, quickly come to the conclusion that it is most convenient to have two vessels and two straws with sieves just for themselves.

The ceramic Matero is suitable for frequent use, and together with a spoon finished with a sieve, it makes up a basic set of accessories for brewing and drinking the infusion. Preparation of the morning mate should not pose difficulties when we are not fully awake after a night’s rest. That’s when we need intuitive equipment to smoothly move on to the first sips of the infusion. In this role the ceramic Yerbador Matero will be 100% effective!

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