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  • Traditional bombilla (straw) – gold

    £4,99 incl. Tax

    Bombilla for Yerbador yerba mate – this is a special tube ending with a sieve at the bottom. Its task is to separate the dried herb from the infusion. With our bombilla, proper filtering of yerba is very simple. There are a lot of types of bombilla, but the special straw from Yerbador is a premium straw that performs its role in every way.

  • Ceramic Yerbador organic pro eco 2 mate cup – free of cadmium, lead, and molybdenum

    £12,99 incl. Tax

    Traditional Ceramic Matero (cup) – Weighing 320 grams with a capacity of 350 ml. 

    This Traditional Matero (cup), made from noble ceramics, has been labelled as PREMIUM because it does not require special care or maintenance. Leftover yerba mate residues will not harm this vessel, unlike in the case of a traditional calabash gourd. It is a vessel used for preparing yerba mate infusion.

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