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Yerba Mate, coffee with caffeine and ashwagandha are natural energy drinks that we often use to increase our activity level. The best known and used every day as a natural stimulant is coffee, which has stimulating properties. Caffeine is also found in guarana and Yerba Mate, which have much more to offer than just a short-term feeling of energy. Coffee is not the only way to get you back on your feet, so it is worth getting to know other healthy energy drinks and taking advantage of their valuable properties.

Yerba mate - a natural energy drink

Yerba Mate stimulating properties

Yerba Mate infusion has stimulating properties due to its caffeine content. Consuming this substance has a positive effect on concentration, improves general well-being and reduces the feeling of fatigue. Caffeine has an energizing effect, but you should be careful about the amount and do not take it in excess. The recommended dose of caffeine for an adult is no more than 400 mg per day. Natural energy drinks such as Yerba Mate in the form of hot infusions work much faster than the popular drink from the refrigerator. They also have large amounts of vitamins and valuable health properties.

It is worth using Yerba Mate leaves to prepare energy drinks because:

  • Yerba Mate adds the energy needed to act;
  • drinking the infusion may have a beneficial effect on building muscle mass;
  • consuming Yerba Mate warm accelerates metabolism;
  • alkaloids and polyphenols contained in the herb have anti-aging properties;
  • Preparing the Yerba Mate drink helps with chronic fatigue, stimulates the body and affects the production of the so-called happiness hormones;
  • consuming natural energy drinks adds energy and relieves the effects of stress, having a positive effect on the nervous system;
  • it is worth using a natural energy drink during intensive study and work – it improves concentration and efficiency of brain work and general mental performance;
  • Dieticians consider the greatest advantages of Yerba Mate to be the richness of nutrients, such as B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9), as well as vitamin C and E. In addition, it contains: magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, potassium, calcium and silicon.

Power plants from South America

Primitive peoples have mastered the use of natural energy sources. Paraguay thistle comes from South America, and its dried leaves are Yerba Mate of excellent quality, which you can find in our store ( yerba mate shop ). Guarani tribes cultivated Mate Ceremony, i.e. drinking Yerba Mate in a circle. During this ritual, all tribe members felt united and energized each other by passing the vessel with the infusion from hand to hand. Researchers of Yerba Mate’s South American roots will find traces of this tradition in Argentina, colorfully illustrated with Indian folklore .

Guarana comes from South America and is used in medicine in its entirety, although its full-value seeds are most often used. Guarana is most often consumed in powdered form as extracts and dietary supplements in the form of tablets. In addition to energy-boosting caffeine, it also contains procyanidins and catechins. These ingredients have a stimulating and psychostimulating effect, which is why guarana reduces the feeling of hunger and regenerates the nervous system.

Korean ginseng called the root of life

Plant extracts of ginseng, called the root of life, fresh or dried ginger in powder form, and a plant called ashwagandha are used in Eastern medicine systems. Ginseng has many varieties (including red, Siberian, Korean), and each of them is an excellent remedy for exhaustion. Numerous studies confirm that Korean ginseng activates additional energy reserves accumulated in the body, lowers blood pressure, detoxifies the body, reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels and stimulates heart function.

Also worth attention is healthy coconut water as an energy drink and other food products that provide a lot of energy without additional calories and negative side effects. Did you know that green arugula leaves contain a significant amount of iron? It is an element that ensures the proper functioning of the immune system and additionally reduces the feeling of fatigue and weariness.

ginseng roots in a box

Ayurvedic stimulant

Ashwagandha is a plant that is a leader among natural adaptogens. Its other name is Indian ginseng, which differs from the previously mentioned varieties, especially in that not only the root of the plant is used, but also its fruit. Ashwagandha contains substances that restore the body’s balance. Active ingredients have properties that strengthen immunity, influence memory and vitality, as well as sexual performance in men. Ayurveda recommends fruit and root extracts in states of mental and physical exhaustion, and pharmacies and herbal shops offer many such preparations. Undoubtedly, infusions containing ashwagandha are a rich source of natural substances with anti-aging, nutritional and regenerating properties and are worth trying when necessary.

Ashwagandha powder and the plant next to it

Energy drinks in a can

The unhealthy trend of energy drinks containing harmful stimulants is especially popular among young people. After a shot of energy from a can, which quickly raises blood pressure, comes negative health consequences. Energy drinks consumed in excess contain ingredients that disturb concentration and may cause headaches, low mood and problems with falling asleep. An even more dangerous phenomenon is combining energy drinks with alcohol. This extremely dangerous combination for the proper functioning of the heart may also accelerate dehydration of the body. Taking care of the appropriate amount of fluids consumed during the day has a positive effect on your well-being and the processes taking place in the body, e.g. metabolism. There are many alternatives to flavored, colorful stimulants, and it is definitely better to choose healthy drinks that are a source of valuable minerals and harmonize the functioning of the digestive system.

Discover teeccino – a healthier alternative to energy drinks

Teeccino is a natural energy drink made from chicory, herbs and roasted nuts. It is an organic drink prepared warmly from plant ingredients, which allows you to enjoy the taste of coffee without caffeine. In Poland, this product has not gained much popularity, but due to its taste similar to coffee and its healthy composition, it is worth taking a closer look at it. Teeccino is a healthier alternative to energy drinks. It will certainly be of interest to lovers of ground coffee beans who want to limit their caffeine consumption without giving up the taste of coffee. A cup of dark infusion, apart from energy, gives a feeling of relaxation, and this is often the hardest thing to say goodbye to.

Caffeine – an energy boost

It is worth knowing that Yerba Mate infusion prepared from 50 grams of dried herb contains from 70 to over 360 mg of caffeine, depending on the type of herb. Too large a dose of this alkaloid may have unpleasant side effects. Not only does it raise blood pressure, but it can also cause anxiety, irritation and even muscle tremors. In the long run, you can expect trouble falling asleep and insomnia. If you suddenly give up drinking a cup of coffee with caffeine, especially if you previously had several strong espressos during the day, you risk withdrawal syndrome. It manifests itself with headaches and fatigue. The crisis lasts on average a few days, so it is better to gradually wean yourself off caffeine and at that time reach for healthy isotonic drinks that ensure good well-being and have a positive effect on the body.


Green tea and infusions of herbal mixtures to increase energy levels

Green tea adds energy and, similarly to the preparation of Yerba Mate, it should not be poured with boiling water. Precious leaves should not be brewed with too hot water like regular black tea. Check out how to make good Yerba Mate on our blog. Herbal mixtures for making infusions are sometimes poured with boiling water, and if you use hard parts of the plant, e.g. the root or woody stems, they should first be soaked and then boiled to extract all their strength. Such plants include our native dandelion root. It is best to soak the crushed root overnight and make a decoction in the morning.

green tea

Drinking dark cocoa effectively removes the effects of stress

Hot drinking cocoa and dark chocolate will improve everyone’s mood because they contain ingredients that trigger the so-called happiness hormone. All food products containing chocolate contain substances that cause the body to release endorphins. Chocolate contains about 600 substances that actively affect our body, which means that cocoa, liquid chocolate and chocolate bars add energy, eliminate the effects of stress and improve our mood. Ceremonial cocoa, like drinking Yerba Mate during the Mate Ceremony, is a tradition that has its roots in the indigenous peoples of South America. These drinks have been known for many centuries as a way to raise the energy level of the entire adult community in the event of a threat, attack or to celebrate a given holiday.


Yerbador recommends energy products from nature to everyone

It’s hard to say why we still most often reach for unhealthy stimulants that have many side effects, instead of using natural energy drinks. The daily ritual of drinking one or two cups of coffee does not have any negative effects on health, although many people become aware of their addiction and therefore decide to change it. Yerba instead of coffee? See for yourself that this is a good idea by ordering a gift set for yourself or a loved one whom you want to encourage to consume natural energy products. Many famous people have already appreciated our products, join them!

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