How to drink Yerba Mate? With additions – Cold, warm.

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How to drink Yerba Mate?  With additions – Cold, warm.

Many of us associate drinking yerba mate as simply pouring water over the herb. Nothing could be further from the truth, for people who do not like the traditional taste of the infusion, there are many alternatives to diversify the preparation and taste of the popular dried holly. Let’s remember that the stimulating properties of vitamins and minerals are found in holly leaves, but what we add to it depends only on us, we are limited only by our imagination. Of course, we know that there is no accounting for taste and not everyone has to like the intense aroma of the infusion, so we present some suggestions on how to diversify the consumption of the multi-valued yerba mate infusion.

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Also remember that the highest quality yerba should be organic.

Our Yerbador product contains 100% leaves, without stems and has all certificates confirming its organic nature, so we are not afraid to say that it is perfect and of the highest quality.

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Yerba mate with fruit juices

The taste of yerba mate depends on the holly variety and the additives added to it. Of course, you can choose ready-made mixtures, but unfortunately producers are not always honest with us and there is almost nothing in these fruit mixtures, and in addition, their taste can be artificially improved, so they do not always contain 100% of what we expect. Therefore, if we want to try different flavors and modify our favorite infusion every day, it may be a good idea to add any additives in the form of fruit juices and the taste will certainly be original. We can add some lemon, orange or other citrus juice to our infusion. And even instead of water, we can use orange, grapefruit or even banana juice to pour our herbs, as we mentioned above, we are only limited by our imagination.

Yerba mate with fruit juices

Yerba mate with herbs

Many companies also offer yerba mate with herbs, but we believe that the most interesting way to discover a new taste is to experiment on your own. Yerba mate with mint is very popular, thanks to which the infusion we consume not only gains great taste and aroma, but is also very refreshing. Additionally, yerba mate with added or flooded mint helps with digestion problems. Therefore, if we are bored with the traditional taste of yerba mate, we believe that it is worth adding some variety in the form of mint or other commonly available herbs such as nettle, chamomile, cistus or horsetail.

Yerba mate with honey or sugar

If the taste of yerba mate is too strong for us and we prefer sweetened drinks, there is no obstacle to adding honey, sugar or any other sweeteners to yerba. Of course, yerba does not lose its properties, but it is definitely the healthiest when combined with natural honey. Very often, after drinking yerba mate, we feel full, so the sweetened infusion can be a substitute for high-calorie and sweet snacks.

Yerba mate with honey or sugar

Yerba mate with milk, i.e. Mate de Leche

Many people may think that hot milk instead of water does not combine with yerba mate infusion. But nothing could be further from the truth, we believe that it is worth experimenting and giving everything a chance.

When it comes to preparing yerba mate with milk, the technique is exactly the same as for water. The whole herb should be poured with milk at a temperature of about 70 to 80°C and drunk through a bombilla. The second way is to brew yerba with water, strain the herb from the water and then add milk, just like in the case of the very popular Bavaria.

Gourds or other natural materials are not recommended for this type of yerba mate infusion. The best solution is ceramic dishes, which are available on our website We can also add many spices to Mate de leche to give our infusion an autumn or winter character. Cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, star anise or other spices will work great in this role. You can also sweeten the milk with honey or brown sugar. This unusual yerba mate will certainly bring back nostalgic, rainy autumn evenings or the magic of Christmas.

If you feel that coffee is no longer serving you, it is worth giving it up for some time and giving Yerbador and the method of preparation presented above a chance.

Cold yerba mate, i.e. Terere

Terere, i.e. yerba mate drunk cold, can be a great alternative to sweetened drinks. Fans of our dried Yerbador and gourmets of yerba mate will certainly like this way of drinking dried holly leaves. This version of refreshment will work well on warmer days. Yerbador lovers know best that in such heat there is nothing better than cold terere! Anyone who has tried cold and warm brewed yerba mate notices the differences in taste – cold mate is less tart and bitter, and more sweet than warm brewed yerba mate.

Terere, like warm mate, improves concentration, suppresses appetite, refreshes and stimulates. Thanks to its antioxidant content, it reduces oxidative stress. It acts as a stimulant a little slower than warm yerba mate, but it is perfectly refreshing

Terere is particularly popular in Paraguay, where high temperatures – reaching around 40 degrees Celsius – are commonplace.

Recently, Ms. Dagmara Kazimierska talked about terere on her Instagram – The Queen of Life discovered the beneficial effects of Yerbador some time ago and included it in her daily diet, thus replacing coffee, but now she is rediscovering its refreshing properties by drinking Yerba Mate in the form of terere.

Yerba Mate queens of life while tasting yerba mate

How to prepare Terere

We pour the dried herb into a special yerba mate drinking vessel, this is important because thanks to this we will be able to prepare the infusion properly.

You can buy such a vessel in our store

You will also need a bombilla (a straw with a strainer), which can also be purchased in our store and is necessary due to the specific nature of drinking yerba mate.

Pour very cold water over the herbs and wait a few minutes until the leaves release their juices.

Then add the rest of the cold water and ice cubes for an even greater refreshing effect.

Yerbador is the perfect yerba mate for any variety of infusions

The yerba mate we offer is ideal for preparing a cold drink, terere, but also many other alternatives mentioned above. Thanks to the way this drink is prepared, the herb does not lose its health-promoting uses. Yerba mate supports a proper diet, helps with weight loss, strengthens and immunizes the body. Our Yerba mate is also recommended by many stars, including the famous restaurateur Magda Gessler and Mrs. Ewa Wachowicz, who were enchanted by the taste of our Yerbador infusion . It also has a positive effect on concentration and stimulates, without containing caffeine.

It prevents the formation of cancer and has great antioxidant properties. In other words, we can enjoy the perfect taste of our drink and take care of our body at the same time!

We can experiment with the taste of yerba mate as much as we want. As you can see, Yerbador has many different wonderful properties, so you don’t have to give it up even during the hot summer – we prove that you can drink yerba mate regardless of the season or temperature!

Ewa Wachowic while drinking Yerba mate

How to choose a high-quality infusion that will be perfect for yerba mate alternatives?

The quality of the infusion can be determined by the amount of dust contained in the herb. The more of it, the better and more intense the taste of yerba mate.

Another fact worth paying attention to when choosing a product is whether it contains only leaves, or maybe leaves and stems, because the highest quality infusion is characterized by NO stems and only ground holly leaves.

Also remember that the highest quality yerba should be organic.

Our Yerbador product contains 100% leaves, without stems and has all certificates confirming its organic nature , so we are not afraid to say that it is perfect and of the highest quality.

For more information about Yerbador Mate, visit the website.


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